The Guide On Why Girls LOVE Sex!

We do not have to speak a woman into having sex.

Women like sex! They in fact WANT sex.

Only problem is they cope with cultural things surrounding sex. More than us. You know, being regarded as a “slut.” For us, somebody calls us that, it’s practically a compliment.

Exactly why the double standard?

Women are viewed as the “guardians” of sex. I mean, if a female doesn’t start the “door” to us so we force our way in… well, there’s laws against that. Even though she’s got the Same exact desires we have, in case she opens the “door” too easily, she becomes chastised, ostracized.

At least that’s the story. But to what extent is that story designed to “control” females?

A woman’s sexuality is like an ocean. It’s huge, changing, flowing, powerful, receptive. Men take a dip within and end up limp. Not to mention the sexuality of her is able to provide the strongest individuals to the knees of ours. Hello Samson. And next of course there would be the husbands who have historically worried whether his children are his.

And so, to what extent is that word “slut” meant to deal with female’s sexuality?’ Cause I do not see why females cannot enjoy the same freedom to enjoy sex as we do.

Go along with me, don’t agree with me. I don’t care. My point is this particular.

One huge reason girls SEEM as they’re not into sex pretty much as us is because they’ve the social consequences to deal with. As well as pregnancy consequences. And even emotional consequences (sex is sometimes an emotional experience for females). So, they hide the desires of theirs.

Doesn’t mean they don’t want it.’ Cause they do. Oh, man do they. They simply have much more products to cope with around it than we do. They don’t want to be judged, hence they hide it.

“No, no, no, no,” I hear a person saying. “I’ve been with my wife for twelve years and she won’t give me any. How will you explain that?”

Hey, in case she’s sex from obligation… or maybe if sex isn’t fun or pleasurable… of course she won’t want it.

But in case she ENJOYS the sex… precisely why would anyone NOT want one thing that’s pleasurable?

Still do not trust me?

Look at a guide like Nancy Friday’s “Secret Garden.”

Nancy Friday is a journalist who had collected women’s most secret sexual thoughts and fantasies. The book’s a collection of women’s fantasies from the mouths of women which are real.

Read that and you soon see how CRAZY sexual ladies are.

Not only that, you see a theme. A good deal of female’s fantasies have to do with being dominated, “taken.” and “ravaged,” You realize, women do not just love sex, they love getting taken!

What does that mean?

#1. Do not Be Judgmental.

Never pass judgment on the sexuality of her. It is GREAT she’s sexual! Love it. Let her be free. Make her feel comfortable handing over the car and being so sexual with you.

The better comfortable she is handing over the car (since she knows you will not judge her), the more comfortable she’ll be to unleash the sexual BEAST inside of her.

And really… Is there anything more beautiful than a girl in ecstasy?

I know. Obviously there is not.

#2. Attitude – She Wants You

You currently have what she wants. You have a cock. She wants that, man.

Thus, you don’t need to speak a lady into sex. You never have to kiss her ass. You won’t ever need to invest tons of cash to “get” sex from her.

After you are making her feel comfortable with sex, all you’ve gotta do is switch her on. Believe me, she’ll want it then.

Very well how do you do that?

#3. Give The Sex of her She ENJOYS

Turn on her thoughts. Her mind is the largest sex organ of her. Turn on the mind of her, and her body will follow.

That means physical sex techniques won’t turn her on alone. You have gotta also make use of psychological sex techniques. Those’re a lot more vital.

What are mental sex techniques?

Turning on her mind. Meaning…

First, you’ve gotta shut down the “slut” risk inside her, and make her feel comfortable giving herself to you.

One prime way to create her really feel comfortable: massages. Try to give her a massage.

Even better? A foot and leg massage.

Most guys, including myself, forget to rub a female’s lower body. But relaxing the lower body of her moves a loooong way to relaxing her entire body.

Second, you’ve gotta make her feel gorgeous and desirable and sexy. That suggests getting completely and totally switched on by her. Moreover, she is gotta feel appreciated not only for her looks, but for her as a HUMAN BEING.

Difficult? Check.

Last, you have gotta spend sufficient time with foreplay. Her second main sex organ is her skin all over. Her va-jay-jay is packaged in third place.

And so, spend time exploring her skin all over before touching her sexual bits & pieces. This teases her, and turns the mind of her on even more.

Man, let me teach you. She will be damp and BEGGING you for sex. Ha!

#4. Shoot her.

But you don’t usually have to generate “sweet love” to her.

Of course ladies love that. But the moment you have received the water boiling, ladies ALSO love getting raunchy, animalistic, naughty. They fancy dirty talk, being taboo, being dominated.

Women are horny, HORNY, man.

Well, how would you “take” her?

Speak dirty
Make racket (be expressive, not just silent)
Pull the hair of her
Pin her hands behind the head of her
Slap her butt
Feel the breasts of her
Pick her up
Bend her over
Throw her on the bed Give it to her tough.
Get IN TOUCH WITH THE ANIMAL WITHIN. Dominate her. Enjoy her.

Now, women come first. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

But I in addition hesitate writing that. I mean, definitely let a girl come before you. And if you arrive before she does, be sure to look after your female. But sex that is great isn’t just about the orgasm. A TOY can make her come for God’s sakes.

Sex which is great is a lot more about paying attention to her, connecting with her. It’s just like the old saying: the journey’s more important compared to the location.

Let me tell you a quick story about this.

I’d sex with this BEAUTIFUL woman who eventually became my girlfriend. One night we were reminiscing about the very first time we had sex. I will always remember what she said: “I do not even recall whether I had an orgasm or not, however, I just remember the sex being REALLY good.”

Why? I had paid consideration to her.

Now, there were other times I’d sex with her and experimented with way too hard to give her orgasm. And you find out what? She DID have an orgasm. however, the sex was not as good. Go figure.

Thus, orgasms are awesome but much more crucial to having sex that is good: focusing on the way her body takes action moment-to-moment, rapport, making the feel of her beautiful and appreciated as a person being. And also TAKING her, DESIRING her, ENJOYING her.

Then after it is almost all done, making the feel of her beautiful.


Yes, again. “I can’t hold you near enough”… a satisfying ending is going to ensure she will be coming back to you for additional.

My point it simple. She WANTS sex and she Really wants to be taken. So TAKE her!

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